The blog: Neo Destati

Neo Destati (Neo being Greek for “new” and Destati being Italian for “to awake”; roughly translates to new awakening; every day is a new beginning when we awake) is my personal section on the World Wide Web that is dedicated to all things that I enjoy in life. The blog was bought in December 2009 but I have been blogging since 2004. Neo Destati features personal rants, beauty, cooking/baking, goods that I find for a bargain, and whatever else that fancies my interest to share with my readers.

The blogger: Jess/Raven

The name is Jess (or if you have known me for a while online, you’d know me as Raven). I’m a 20-something female, who is a Michigan native but currently living in Wyoming. I currently strive to escape the Cowboy State for the Aloha State of Hawai’i (specifically, the island of O’ahu). I’m a homebody to help me save the funds to reach my goal to move to the islands.  I am always out to find simple things to do to keep my mind occupied while keeping the price affordable or, better yet, free!

My daily life normally consists of discovering new musicians via Pandora Radio, watching claw machine and arcade videos on YouTube, finding creative DIY crafts and recipes on Pinterest, discovering new music on Pandora, and browsing the local thrift stores to see if I can find that occasional treasure.


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